Monday, February 2, 2009

Pilsner Lagering

Here's a picture of the gravity sample I took today while racking the Pilsner into the secondary fermenter for lagering. The gravity reading is down to 1.010 which is lower that I would have expected considering how high the original gravity reading was(1.062). These 2 gravity measurements are used to calculate the percent of alcohol in a beer. The formula is (Original Gravity-Final Gravity)/7.5=Alcohol by Volume(ABV). So in this case(1.062-1.010)/7.5=.52/7.5=6.9%ABV. That's more like a Bock beer than a Pilsner! So this beer will definitely end up out of range for the style. I was hoping that this would be a nice, crisp easy to drink beer. The final gravity of 1.010 is low enough that the beer will be light in body, but an ABV of 6.9% is hard to hide and will be detectable so It might not be a mass consumer like I was hoping, but will hopefully still be tasty. The color, as you can see in the sample, is right on the mark at about 4-5 SRM. The lighter the beer the more difficult it is to brew and Pilsner is considered one of the most difficult styles. I definitely leaned alot brewing this one and since Pilsner is one of my favorite styles, I'll put it to good use next time and hopefully get a better beer with each batch. Right now this beer will Lager or be stored cold at around 34 degrees for a few weeks to mellow out some of the flavors and become clearer. I can't wait to tap into it then!

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