Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dry Wolf IPA pt2

Well, the Dry Wolf IPA got racked to the secondary fermenter today after about 2 weeks of strong fermentation. The fermentation was so active on day 2 &3 that the krausen(foamy head that forms during fermentation) blew though the airlock and down the sides and I had to add a blow off tube. Here's a picture while siphoning the beer off the old yeast so it can settle out and clear for another week or two before kegging. It's on the cloudy side which is not a problem and to be expected as the the yeast strain used is not very flocculant.
A gravity reading taken showed 1.011, which means the calculated Alcohol by Volume (ABV) is at 7.82%. Once again a little higher than expected efficiency and better than expected attenuation by the yeast(pitched 2 packs of Safale US-05). A little higher than anticipated but not too much out of style. Actually this would put it into the lower end of the double IPA or Imperial IPA style so not really a problem.

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